Rescue Puppy Yoga - Lakewood Country Club

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We can’t wait to Puppy Pose with you @ The Renaissance Denver Central Park Hotel 

We will have 30 mats on site, and hopefully 45 people in attendance, please bring a mat if it is convenient for you!
Class starts at 10:30am, be sure to sign our waiver here before you attend!

Class is 45 minutes long and you will have 25 minutes after class to take pictures, play and fill out adoption applications! 

Puppies from Both iResQ & El Paso County Canine will be in attendance. You can scroll through the pictures above to see the puppies that will be there:

Feel free to fill out one or both applications as they are not binding and will allow you take home whichever pup you fall in love with home! 

IRESQ Colorado

In Attendance: 

Morticia • Warlock • Zuul 


In Attendance 

Chestnut • Rolly Polly • Taco • Tank


3801 Quebec St
Denver, CO 80207
United States